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Fresh eyes of new employees

Fresh eyes of new employees

Things in every company, to some extent, get on auto pilot. There isn’t anything wrong with that. It just happens. Habits can be great. We all need them and companies are no different. We all have an opportunity to see things differently. New employees or customers are the best source of “truth” about how helpful our corporate habits are.

Employee engagement is huge. It leads directly to customer engagement. Taking time to get the unvarnished insight of new employees is very important. Acting on their insight will establish trust early on. Let’s get some fresh eyes.

One of the reasons I love new hires is they have fresh eyes. Spend time with the newest members of your team – or any outside consultants you might have at your organization because they ask why all the time. They wonder about different ways of approaching a problem. They get excited about opportunities that have gone ignored. And they almost always notice the downright silly things that should be changed. ~~ Katya Andresen via Watch out: What you’re not seeing in the office | LinkedIn.

Katya suggests you can also train yourself to ask questions that inspire needed perspective. Much of life is about asking the right questions. Here are a few:

  1. Why did we start doing things this way? Is there a good reason or does the reason not exist anymore?
  2. What underlying purpose does this meeting/activity/routine serve? Is that really important to my organization or are there better ways to spend my time?
  3. If we’re doing certain things because of problem, is there a way to solve its root cause and prevent even needing to react in the first place?
  4. If we’re pursuing an opportunity, is there a way to go bigger? How would I go after it if this were my first day on the job?
  5. When I describe my work to other people, what do they find exciting and remarkable? What does that say about how I approach my job?