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Smart DataWe live in a consumer world where more and more there is an expectation that companies and nonprofits have the data and it is integrated. The challenge we are all facing is making it happen simply and seamlessly. There are solutions that are beginning to bridge the gap. What if you could integrate your print publication data with digital data from Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google and Zinio? Each of these vendors use different formats. Normalizing the data is what makes a difference.  Maybe this is not so much about big data as smart data.

Key takeaways:

  1. Know your sources of data. Is it accurate?
  2. Understand what is actionable
  3. Be fast (agile)

CDS Global is now providing a solution.

The CDS Global circulation model is the industry’s only modeling tool that combines fully consolidated, issue-based digital magazine metrics with print circulation data. Publishers have successfully used the model for years to make solid business assumptions for budgeting and planning. By incorporating digital magazine data, we have given them a tool that is even more powerful. As digital grows and becomes an increasing part of the publishing economy, we are leading the charge to help magazines accurately plan for their digital business in tandem with print. ~~ Jim Plas, chief product officer at CDS Global. via CDS Global circulation model integrates print & digital magazine data.

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