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Digital Technology - Embracing

Embracing Digital Transformation

Disruption is here or at least on the horizon. The cost to start up and create new models of business have come way down. Some aspect of your business that should be digital right now or soon needs to be transformed. Maybe it is your whole business model. Trust that someone else out there is already doing it or will be soon.

Now is the time. Today is the day. Embracing digital transformation is a key initiative for every executive. Customers get to decide. They are in control. Are they happy or about to jump ship?

Tech advances are eliminating barriers to entry and lowering distribution costs, leading new competitors to challenge—even upend—established players by offering customers value in new ways. Getting close to the customer and giving her a good experience has become table stakes in today’s environment, and CEOs know that they need to do more than that to keep their customers happy. “

Those sentiments were reflected in comments by Telstra CEO David Thodey, who was interviewed for the survey and who told PWC the leadership team at Australia’s biggest Telco was dedicated to changing the service paradigm. “We have had  an incredible focus on improving customer service because customers are at the heart of our business.”

via WHICH 50 : Global CEOs tell PWC, digital transformation is turning every business into a tech business.