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Business Model

Business Model

Businesses are being disrupted at every turn. Much of the disruption has to do with successful use of digital approaches. Digital business transformation is enabling all kinds of business models.

Digital technology not only disrupts business it also enables new business models. Incorporating mobile computing, analytics, big data, cloud and sensors to become a digital business raises questions across the organization. Responding to these questions is the goal of a digital strategy. Digital touches everything from redefining industry and market structures to creating new customer experiences and capabilities. Generating questions is not an issue with digital. Digital changes business basics. This means that finding the right questions requires starting with those basics but with a digital twist. Source: Five questions every digital strategy should answer.

What are the questions to focus on for transformation?

  1. Who wants to be your customer?
  2. Why will digital outperform the current business model?
  3. Where will value be demanded and delivered?
  4. When will digital transformation happen?
  5. How will you win?

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