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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees create a culture where customers are highly engaged. Study after study demonstrates it. Engaged employees, who work with customers, know what kind of things need to be done to improve the customer experience. Having a systematic feedback system is very important. Employees want to know their ideas are valued and acted upon.

A great idea can catapult an organization into financial superstardom. In fact, most successful organizations owe their accomplishments to a synchronization of great ideas that were executed upon. However, the provenance of winning ideas isn’t solely the C-suite and each employee is in a great position to make suggestions that will help improve the bottom line.

In the past years organizations have increasingly found new ways to collect feedback from their employees, understanding that this not only helps boost engagement levels—which are worryingly low in the United States—but can be instrumental in capturing nuggets of information which can be leveraged to improve business results. As 1to1 Media highlights in this article, some companies are finding novel ways to collect employee feedback.

via Six Ways to Keep Score of Employee Contributions.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Establish a culture which fosters open communication
  2. Provide avenues for idea sharing
  3. Introduce recognition throughout the process
  4. Create cross-functional teams
  5. Gamify the process
  6. Be transparent