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The move to create a digital business that is obsessed with customers requires talent. We all need the best people we can get who love customers.

From my experience, there are really only 3 questions you have to prepare for and you can link most of the interview questions back to these three. Preparing for these three questions also means you can answer most questions more naturally, simply by referring mentally back to your preparations for these three questions.

However, during the job interview, the interviewer might use many different questions and angles to get to the answers. If the interviewer doesn’t get what he or she wants from one question, they might ask them in different ways. Or they might probe from different angles to test for consistency in your answers.

via Job Interview: Why Only 3 Questions Really Matter | LinkedIn.

Basically, any interviewer wants to establish 3 key things. Are these the right things to focus on?

  1. Have you got the skills, expertise and experience to perform the job?
  2. Are you enthusiastic and interested in the job and the company and it’s customers?
  3. Will you fit into the team, culture and company?