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Unified Customer Experience

Unified Customer Experience

Clement Teo from Forrester Research recently reported in from a Next Generation Telecom Summit in Honk Kong. What do telcos recognize that we can learn from?

Consumers now have powerful mobile devices in their hands, speedy access to social platforms, and the ability to call up information on the go. More importantly, customers today can choose to easily switch to a competitor if they don’t like the customer experience they are receiving. As a result, telcos no longer “own” customers — it’s the other way around. via Customer Experience Demands Simplicity And Cultural Change | Forrester Blogs.

There is agreement on these principles.

  1. Simplify systems and processes.
  2. Let lines of business drive the IT agenda together.
  3. Drive cultural changes to reflect a customer-centric agenda.

This is an issue for all of us. There is obviously a lot of “customer pain” in the telco industry but they aren’t alone. Simplification of systems is huge. When you can’t get a single view of the customer then it will be difficult to create a unified customer experience.  Most systems and processes get developed in silos. They then have there own data bases and applications to manage things. It is natural that most of these never get developed with the customer in mind. So even if only 2 departments are involved, there is probably a disconnect for the customer. The processes need to be simplified but they also need to be unified from a customer experience point of view.