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Best Practices Suck

Best Practices Suck

Here is a very insightful list via Top 12 Reasons Why Best Practices Suck | Donor Voice. I don’t think there is too much to add to to what Kevin Schulman has written.  Your customers are looking for something unique in their experience. Are you providing it?

1)      Best Practices lead to copying

2)      Copying is a race to look the same

3)      When everything looks the same it is a commoditized market

4)      A commoditized market is very price sensitive

5)      A price sensitive offering can only improve margin through cost management

6)      By only focusing on cost management the innovation dies

7)      When the innovation dies and everything looks the same there is no competitive advantage

8)      There is also no brand

9)      When there is no brand to differentiate or create competitive advantage there is churn

10)   Churn is the antithesis of retention

11)   Retention is the only path to sustainable growth

12)   Sustainable growth is the only path to mission success