Social Media

Social Media

If you haven’t jumped into social media as a part of your digital marketing and customer strategies, now would be the time to rethink that approach. Many companies are creating conversations with customers or potential customers as a result of having a social media presence.

The digital business has to include social media as a key strategy if for no other reason than your customers are there and they expect you to be.

Add to that mix that your competition is there as well and that should be all you need to know.

Not long ago, brands treated social media as just another platform for disseminating marketing messages. However, as consumer usage continues to swell, more brands understand that social’s conversational undertones will allow them to expand their reach beyond advertising, tapping into the emotional side of the customer relationship. Yet, while more sophisticated companies have already begun to integrate customer service into their social engagement strategies, others are still exploring potential next steps.

via Spotlight | Sizing Up Social’s Competitive Advantage.

Here are some key ideas:

  1. Become social your self. You’ll understand it better.
  2. Study how your competition is using it.
  3. Seek out some of your customers and see how they use it.