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As nonprofits, we all want donors. In a perfect world, they would renew every year, giving higher amounts to our mission.

Now this is stunning. Donors can give a set amount monthly as recurring donors. Recurring donors give so much more than other donors.

600 to 800 percent more. Now that is some serious money.

How many of recurring donors do you have?

All nonprofits know that a recurring donor – someone signed up to donate a set amount each month via credit card – is a much better donor.  Blackbaud reported that these people gave 600-800% more than regular donors, and other studies suggest that the ratio could be even higher.  Not to mention that recurring donors are much more likely to remain donors year over year, and that it costs significantly less for the nonprofit to raise money this way. ~Jamey Heinze via Why Nonprofits Should Take a Cue from NPR | CDS Global.