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Smart Data

Smart Data

I am excited to participate in the webinar. Here is the detail


The challenge of creating meaningful relationships with donors is complicated by an abundance of data from both online and offline sources, as well as a multitude of communication channels to contend with. Join our webinar to learn how to consolidate donor information to drive consistent communications across channels. By taking a unified approach, nonprofit fundraisers and marketers can better shape donor interactions with their organization to create outstanding donor experiences.
What you will learn:

  • How to collect and manage online and offline data in order to truly understand your donors
  • Why a unified donor experience is essential for organizational growth
  • Common inconsistencies and gaps in the donor experience, and how to handle them
  • How to use data to track donor interactions, and use this information to improve donor communications across multiple channels

This exciting webinar is sponsored by CDS Global and hosted by The Chronicle of Philanthropy. All content presented during the event is provided by CDS Global.

Michael Wilson, CEO, Center for Digital Business Transformation, Twitter Handle: @mww1954

As CEO of the Center for Digital Business Transformation, Michael is dedicated to understanding and applying all things digital. His experience includes over 10 years as CIO and Chief Customer Officer at the American Heart Association. Michael is author of the books “The Digital Nonprofit: A Manifesto” and “The Digital Executive: Are You Obsessed With Your Customers?”Contact info: michael.w.wilson@outlook.com
Jamey Heinze, CMO, CDS Global, Twitter Handle: @JameyHeinze
Mikhail Lakirovich, Market Manager, IBM

The chief marketing officer at CDS Global, Jamey Heinze is responsible for leading the company’s marketing efforts in the nonprofit sector as well as other industries. Heinze has more than 20 years of experience in technology sales and marketing and has held marketing, product management and sales positions at companies such as Xerox, Level 3 Communications, Broadwing Communications and OpenText/Vignette.Contact info: jheinze@cds-global.com.
Mark Walston
Mark Walston is a veteran communications professional with a 20-year history researching and reporting on higher education, with a focus on information technology. Former president and CEO of Concept Foundry, he has created award-winning integrated communications campaigns for universities and colleges across America — and for Industry leading IT corporations that serve higher education.Mark has moderated numerous webinars for The Chronicle of Higher Education and The Chronicle of Philanthropy, collaborating with a broad range of clients including Blackboard, IBM, Pearson, Abila, and ETS, among others. Mark recently interviewed college and university CIOs and other senior officers for a series of best practice case studies on database management and enterprise software.Mark also authored an Information Technology Forum advertorial series published in The Chronicle of Higher Education.