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Is hope a good strategy? For many of us in business, it seems to be on some days. We can break out of that vicious cycle though.

With business technology, we can bring clarity to the business goal and help with a workforce computing strategy that enables the business goal. When thinking of the workforce computing strategy, some questions to answer are:

  • What is the measurable business goal?
  • What capabilities are needed to reach the goal?
  • What strategies is the business focused on?
  • What culture is our business creating?
  • What people, processes and information is needed?
  • What are the current gaps that exist with our employee computing environment?

David Johnson at Forrester Research in Forrester’s Workforce Computing Strategic Plan research has some great insights.

How strange it seems then, that thousands of IT projects begin every day, but more than one third of them crash enroute. Why? I would argue that it’s because there is seldom a clear destination in mind, a rational plan to get there, nor a viable system approach in place to execute the plan. Most of the time, the destination and the means to get there are only vague estimates, and the elements of the strategy are rooted in hope.

via What Is A Workforce Computing Strategic Plan…And Why Do You Need One? | Forrester Blogs.