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We live in a digital world. Our business is essentially “eBusiness”. If not so much today, then surely soon. The alternative is probably to be out of business.   Some great questions to think of:

  1. Can I be shrewd enough as a business leader?
  2. Am I digitally savy?
  3. How competent am I technically?
  4. Am I ready to be a transformational leader?

More than all of these things, we need courage. The road isn’t always easy. We have a vision and can marshal the resources. Can we be bold enough to see it through to the end?

Consider the following tidbit from Forrester Research.

eBusiness professionals are uniquely placed to drive digital business transformation in their firms. That’s because few other executives have such a broad range of skills and exposure to the entire spectrum of their business.

Leading the digital business transformation demands all of these skills, and more: diplomacy, courage, vision, fortitude, political-savviness, and influence to name a few. eBusiness leaders are poised to take charge — especially in firms where the CMO/CIO partnership isn’t ready to lead. And even in firms where that pairing is working well, eBusiness leaders bring an invaluable set of skills to the table.

via Step Up To Digital Leadership | Forrester Blogs.