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This is powerful. Think 5 years from now. Not too hard to do in some cases. Or, think 2 or 3.

Will you regret not moving faster? I’m thinking we will. Our digital world has changed. Now would be the time to learn and change. Our future as leaders is at stake.

Let’s move fast. Let’s get with it.

Picture yourself as an Executive in 2017, struggling to make sense of how many of your peers failed to become social. Many of them pushed aside by their more savvy underlings who built up both internal and external social networks. Their large networks wield tremendous power, collective intelligence and the ability to influence both employees and customers. Many of the executives that didn’t adapt were caught in a type of ‘vocational innovator’s dilemma’; where they stubbornly refused to change despite the warning signs. 

Welcome to the new world. It’s the same as the old – only faster, smarter and a bit more effective. 

via SAP’s CIO: You’re Putting Your Executive Career at Risk if You’re Not Social – Forbes.