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What is at stake?

What is at stake?

Stake, tr. Verb. To risk; at stake. In jeopardy.

What is at stake? I have been thinking about this as we frame our future. What is it that allows for us to produce extraordinary results? While there are many contributing factors, perhaps the most important is the way we listen. Which leads to breakthrough thinking. Which leads to extraordinary action. Which leads to amazing results for our company.

For example, I would listen differently to a coach if I were training for an Olympic gold medal in speed skating than as an amateur spending an afternoon at the pond. Coaching makes a difference depending on how relevant or urgent or consequential I consider it to be – what I have at stake.

To maximize the results I produce, I must listen with something big at stake – something important enough to be worth the valuable time I am spending. I should ask myself, “If a real difference were possible here, in what area or on what issue or concern would I want an impact to be made?”

Everything we do matters. Every decision we make, every product or service we develop, every dollar we spend benefits our customers. Deviating from this focus could have real consequences. Let’s make an impact every day by focusing 100 percent on customer needs.

 “Progress always involves risk; you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.” ~~Frederick Wilcox