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I have been having a lot of conversations about how secure Cloud computing is or isn’t. I have given briefings to Audit Committees and Boards.

One of my points has been that in many cases it can be more secure than traditional IT infrastructure. For some, that has not been the conventional way to see it.

Think about the benefits of security in the cloud in addition to the risks. This type of balanced approach may tip the scales for you.

Conventional wisdom says clouds are inherently insecure.

But are they? Or are clouds actually more secure than conventional IT environments? A growing number of technologists are making that argument. And they’re not cloud vendors or marketers or startups who have placed their bet on the cloud. They’re some of the senior-most technology officials in government, including those from intelligence agencies and the military, which might be the last place you’d expect to hear such talk.

Cloud Security: Better Than We Think? – Government – Cloud/SaaS – Informationweek