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Our people create the experience, whether it is digital or in person. We can’t seperate the employee experience from the customer experience.

As digital executives, we need to focus a huge amount of time and resources on amazing employee experiences.

TJ Keitt, at Forrester Research, has given us a great framework for looking at the employee experience.

It’s easy to get swept up in the power of the digital age, where smart mobile devices and cloud services open the door for new and exciting ways to engage customers. We think a lot about how these technologies will create enticing customer experiences (CX), making these digital touchpoints the face of the brand. I admit, as a technology fan, I’m enamored with this idea. But I’m also someone who thinks a lot about technology and the workforce, so I was equally animated by a conversation I recently had with the head of a CX consultancy. He warned that businesses risk over rotating on technology, viewing their people as receding in importance in delivering satisfactory customer experiences. He went on to say that businesses that make this make do so at their own peril. I agree.

Via You Need Great Employee Experiences To Create Great Customer Experiences | Forrester Blogs

Employee Experience Framework

Employee Experience Framework