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Connected Customer

Connected Customer

You are beginning to know a new customer. They are a blend of the traditional, the digital and the connected. They may still be some who use traditional media and occasionally read a magazine or paper, most have moved to the web (digital) and social world (think Facebook and Pinterest) and are rapidly becoming connected via smartphones and tablets. It is still a blend for most but for many, the connected world is becoming predominant. It will help you from being disrupted by thinking in a blend of digital and connected with more and more moving to connected.

The connected customer is perhaps the most disruptive for you. What percent of your customers would you classify as either traditional, digital or connected? How fast do you think the digital and connected will grow in your mix? Have you allocated your investment portfolio adequately to avoid being disrupted?

Now would be the time to begin the hard analysis so you have greater insight into how to create great experiences for your digital and connected customers. With the insights you gain, you can develop relevant and meaningful strategies. Those strategies can create real return on investment (ROI) for your company.

Your connected customers are closing traditional touch points and constantly opening new digital and connected avenues in real time. The expectations of the digital and connected customer for an experience that is enjoyable, simple and relevant to their needs is fast locking the doors on the traditional approaches. It isn’t helpful to focus time and energy on the closed door. It is helpful to define the experience in the digital and connected world by understanding that they are two-way channels for learning and engagement.

What we want to learn is how to design experiences that lead customers down a path that alter the decisions they make to engage with your mission. With your new digital and connected customer, you can see what paths work best and how engaged or disengaged they are as a result of that experience.