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You are ready to open your mind, your heart, and your imagination to create new journeys and experiences for your customers. These stunning experiences leads the way to meaningful engagement and shareable journeys. This makes all the difference to a connected customer.

A key is continually walking in the digital footsteps of your customers to assess how engaged you feel. Does the experience inspire your imagination? It is all about embracing your connected customers. If you do, they will embrace you in return. Even feelings of empathy, relevance and reciprocity are measureable with traditional business metrics. The impact to your bottom line and mission can be known. It takes courage to decide to find out the results of our efforts.

You should be ready to define the experience your programs deliver that brings your mission to life and how the technologies you employee contribute to that experience. See yourself as the CEO – the Chief Experience Officer. If no one else will appoint you, appoint yourself.

Your connected customer takes to search engines and status updates to research, ask questions, and share experiences. This presents to you an opportunity to listen, learn, engage and improve the experience. It makes the experience enjoyable, easy and relevant to the customer’s goals.

Some issues to work through are:

  1. Now would be the time to  listen to how people are responding to different messages and are guided along a journey. Understanding the steps they take can help you frame the overall journey and intended experience. This can all be tested easily. Do customers become more engaged after becoming an advocate or a participant or a volunteer?
  2. After listening, learning how the journey unfolds allows you to improve the experience. Who are the experts? What communities are customers gravitating to? Who is influencing them? What are customers finding and learning? What technologies and services are they using?
  3. The customer expectation of their experience is discoverable. You can engage them at every step of the journey.
  4. Listening, learning and engaging allows you to adapt your strategy, people, processes and technology.

This is a loop not a linear system.