Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

While this is an interesting debate, it seems at some point we all may need to pick a side along this continuum. It might help if we advocate for that side soon, as decisions are going to be made soon.

As an individual consumer (with 3 teenagers in the house) I have opinions about whose traffic should have a priority. As you can imagine, that is influenced by my need to work and the person who pays the bill. Both of those are me. 🙂

When I was a corporate CIO, we paid for a private internet access so we had what is known as “Quality of Service” protocols. That meant we could prioritize whether our application data or video would win. We had essentially a HOV lane.

Is this an either/or issue? Is there a yes/and solution?

Internet access speed is the life-blood of businesses. Business owners know that making a consumer wait even a few seconds for a page to appear can spell disaster. And companies have spent billions of dollars placing cables in the ground and erecting cell phone towers to provide content providers and consumers with fast Internet access.

But as Web usage grows, someone has to pay for the infrastructure required to provide the connectivity that people are accustomed to, say Internet service providers (ISPs). It is against this backdrop that network neutrality, an idea that ISPs should treat all Internet traffic equally, has turned into an explosive issue.

via Breaking Down the Net Neutrality Debate.

What do you think?