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There is a gap that is growing in your company. It is the gap between the connected customer, their expectations and the programs, products and services you are offering. 80% of the U. S. adult population uses the internet. Most of them have smart phones or will soon. Most of your customers are constantly connected from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep. As companies, our reality is a digital world. And so do you have a sense of urgency to bridge the gap?

What does it take to compete for the hearts of your connected customers? Do you have a plan? Is that plan funded?

One thing to think through very carefully is the urgency to create a culture of innovation to be able to compete for the connected customer. Someone is going to do it. Will it be your company?

You will be a hero if you take up that mantle. You will lead a journey to a new level of engagement for the connected customer and their engagement with your mission. Do you have a heart for innovation? If so, then you will be a hero. You will be the champion for the new world. You will create amazing experiences to generate new loyalty to your cause.

So here is a challenge. Primarily for the C-Suite. Think through it carefully. One of the greatest opportunities before you is the evolution of the connected customer. How your company is designed and structured today will work against you if company digital transformation is not on your agenda. As a leader, you know that management structure, goals, strategies, people, processes, systems, and rewards are all constructed to improve “what is” today. Typically we ignore “how it should be” for the new connected customer. To innovate requires an innovators heart. Do you have one? Who else at your company does?