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The day of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is over. The era of Customer Experience Management (CEM) has arrived.

Here are some great ideas from Bruce Temkin on how to get started.

If you care about customer experience, then it’s critical for you to understand the Six Laws of Customer Experience. They describe the fundamental truths about how organizations treat their customers. Here are the six laws:

  1. Every interaction creates a personal reaction.
  2. People are instinctively self-centered.
  3. Customer familiarity breeds alignment.
  4. Unengaged employees don’t create engaged customers.
  5. Employees do what is measured, incented, and celebrated.
  6. You can’t fake it.

via Do You Know The 6 Laws of Customer Experience? | Bruce Temkin, CCXP | LinkedIn.

The six laws of customer experience are meant to empower highly effective customer experience efforts. By understanding these fundamental truths about how people and organizations behave, companies can make smarter decisions about what they do, and how they do it. If you want to create sustainable CX change, then you need to understand and conform with these laws.