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Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

We know how our customers are interacting with is changing and changing fast. We may, however, be underestimating how fast it is really occurring. Constellation Research has some great information to consider. Now is the time to transform our interactions and the customer experience.

It all starts with a strategy that we can begin to execute with speed. Waiting will only make it worse. A lot is at stake here.

The rise of mobile and cloud computing is driving a cultural and technological transformation in which people expect anytime, anywhere access to colleagues, products and services. To react to this transformation, companies have to rethink the tools and business processes they provide to their employees, customers and partners.

Constellation surveyed more than 500 organizations in education, healthcare, high tech, and retail about the state of their mobile computing efforts. The analysis highlighted three major themes that are critical for success in mobile transformation:

  • Mobile transformation is top of mind for most organizations. More than 80 percent of organizations recognize the impact of mobile transformation on internal and external stakeholders and have created dedicated teams to work on solutions. Education had the lowest percentage, with 68 percent having dedicated mobile teams in place while high tech organizations led the way with 91 percent.
  • Mobile is not a device but an effective way of working. The term “mobile” is not limited just to devices such as phones and tablets. Rather, mobile describes how people work in motion and in short bursts of time. More than 50 percent of respondents reported switching between devices more than six times per day, and traditional desktop computers are only used one-third of the time.
  • Mobile provides a starting point for digital transformation. Mobile transformation requires re-thinking and updating existing business processes or introducing new ones. While more than 80 percent of organizations polled have performed basic updates to their Internet and Intranet sites, less than 50 percent have changed an actual business process.

via The Strategic Impact of Mobile Transformation on Business Value | Constellation Research Inc..