Cyber Security

Cyber Security

If you are focused on your customers, and you sell computers, you don’t want this said about you. Unfortunately, it is probably true. Trust is important. Clearly Lenovo doesn’t get that.

Quite possibly the single worst thing I have seen a manufacturer do to its customer base. ~Marc Rogers, Security Expert

In a blatant disregard for security, Lenovo did the unthinkable. It goes way beyond bad form to knowingly install malware on computers. If computer makers don’t take security seriously, what hope do we have as consumers?

Lenovo’s response to the uproar has been sluggish and for the most part inadequate. After the storm broke last week, the company said it would stop pre-installing the culprit software on its computers, and “spend the next few weeks digging in on this issue, learning what we can do better.” In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, its chief technical officer, Peter Hortensius, dismissed the “security guys'” concerns as “theoretical.” He said, “we have no insight that anything nefarious has occurred.

via Has PC maker Lenovo committed the ultimate breach of customer security? – LA Times.