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Customer Expectations

Customer Expectations

As marketers, we all know it is true. The game has changed. Customer expectations are that I will have a personalized experience. And this is not just for retail.

Three very human factors drive this.

  1. I want to be known. That means when I repeatedly frequent your business, I expect you to know who I am and what I like.
  2. I want to be remembered.  That means I shouldn’t have to remind you that I want my shirts on hangers with no starch.
  3. I want to amazing service. That means that mediocre isn’t good enough.

A personalized experience used to be as simple as greeting a customer by name, but as digital and physical experiences merge, the bar for meaningful customer experiences is rising. Companies like Amazon, Starbucks, and Netflix have trained consumers to expect a personalized experience from businesses. And companies that stick with generic messages and experiences risk throwing away money.

via A Look Ahead at Personalization 2.0.