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Everybody is on the innovation bandwagon. It is the “buzzword” of the year. Unless what we are talking about is disruptive, we are probably talking about monumental change and change management.

This may be the “elephant in the C-Suite” but it is an elephant none the less. Innovation is great but it may not be what is really necessary. Change is important and done well it will be very disruptive.

Got innovation? Just about every company says it does.

Companies throw the term “innovation” around but that doesn’t mean they are actually changing anything monumental. Leslie Kwoh reports on digits. 

Businesses throw around the term to show they’re on the cutting edge of everything from technology and medicine to snacks and cosmetics. Companies are touting chief innovation officers, innovation teams, innovation strategies and even innovation days.

But that doesn’t mean the companies are actually doing any innovating. Instead they are using the word to convey monumental change when the progress they’re describing is quite ordinary.

via You Call That Innovation? – WSJ.com.