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Social Media

Social Media

Is Twitter and social media just for people who like to say what they ate for lunch? Is it a useless tool for self gratification?

I don’t think so. Here is a great resource on who to follow for leadership ideas. Tom Peters is one of my favorites but there are some others I wasn’t familiar with that have great insights.

Mary Jo Asmus @mjasmus  Mary Jo is a great sharer. Following her will not only give you her insights, but will point you to great ideas and insights of others as well. She, like several others on this list, is a jump start to finding the best new leadership thinking online.

Wally Bock @WallyBock I’ve known Wally a long time (and not just on Twitter!). He is an early leadership Twitter adopter and uses it in a powerful way to share his ideas and others.  Watch for his Boss’s Tip of the Day!

Lolly Daskal @LollyDaskal Lolly started the #leadfromwithin Twitter phenomenon. If you know Twitter, search on that hashtag and you will see what a reach and influence she has. If you don’t, following her stream will give you a great sense of how developing yourself plays an important role in your ability to lead others.

Mike Henry @MikeHenrySr Mike, like Lolly, leads a movement that has a place on Twitter. He is the founder of the Lead Change Group, and very active in Twitter-land. He shares his insights, links to other great resources, quotations, and more. A must-follow if you want to get connected to great leadership thinking.

Michael Hyatt @MichaelHyatt Michael is the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing.  This gives his tweets in many cases a different perspective and the nature of his experience provides ideas and concepts that are different from many others.  He is one of my favorite people to read — both his Twitter feed and his blog <-  http://michaelhyatt.com/ .

Steve Keating @LeadToday Steve’s Twitter profile says it all. “Builder of People, Improving the Sales Profession, Developing the Next Generation of Leaders, Not selling a thing on Twitter, only giving back.” Here’s proof.  When looking at his feed as I wrote this, I retweeted two of his recent posts.  GREAT stuff always.  And he gives back a lot – with over 43,000 tweets (and over 255,000 followers) at this writing.

Michael McKinney @LeadershipNow Mike is a great blogger and does Twitter right. A blend of his stuff and that of others.  He even tweets me sometimes!  There is no question that Mike belongs on this list.

Mike Myatt @mikemyatt Mike Myatt is one of the smartest and most thought provoking people online. He consults and coaches CEOs and writes for Forbes (among much more), and fewer than 10,000 people follow him.  He is a gem.  Follow him.

Dan Rockwell @leadershipfreak Dan is prolific, smart and a consummate sharer.  This is another guy that had to be on this list.  In fact, he is the first name Becky and I mentioned when we started the list.

Jesse Lyn Stoner @jesselynstoner Jesse is a smart consultant, speaker and author.  Her book Full Steam Ahead (with Ken Blanchard) came out in a second edition this year.  You don’t do second edition of books that didn’t sell well.  Jesse’s Twitter feed is full of great insights for leaders, especially about her expertise on vision.