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In our wonderful world of fund raising, we need plenty of high quality leads. What do we know about the new donor or volunteer? Have they given before or is the their first gift? Do they have the potential to give more or is the $25 donation already stretching them? Are they an advocate for us but we don’t have a mailing address for them?

Quality data and leads rules our ability to raise more money. The marketing department can be our best friend. A focus on knowing our donors is huge.

According to 1to1 Media, the only thing worse for a marketer than giving sales people no leads, is giving them bad ones. Lack of information on prospects such as their organization size, industry sector, job title, or just simple contact information can stop a record dead in its tracks, even though it may be a quality lead. Marketing processes like lead scoring, which prioritize the most important leads, are dependent upon correct information at the contact, demographic, and company level.

As a result, data quality is especially critical when every aspect of demand generation is under a microscope to prove its contribution to revenue. In the process-oriented world of marketing automation, every percentage point counts, and every factor that contributes to conversion must be scrutinized. Successful lead generation within both CRM systems and marketing automation relies on an abundance of good, clean data.

via Why the Data will Dictate CRM and Automation Success .