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This is an amazing insight. Think of anything, not just a resume. What about the response to the RFP? What about the automated answer to the email we received? What about the web page we just created?

Does it start with blah? Does it end with boilerplate?

Which is worse, blah or boilerplate? I would lean to blah because after blah, no one may get to the boilerplate ending.

Starting your resume with blah and ending with an obvious bit of boilerplate does no one any good.

via Seth’s Blog: References available upon request.

Michael Wilson is a Partner and Global Practice Leader for Fortium Partners. Fortium has over 40 partners. FORTIUM is dedicated to understanding and applying all things digital. A technology leadership services firm focused on providing world-class resources to clients with the most complex issues. FORTIUM serves nonprofit, public and private companies across a variety of industries, placing expert project teams and operational leadership resources in technology-related roles. FORTIUM resources usually have 25 or more years of experience, most recently in a senior leadership role.

I’m interested in a briefing on effective content branding from Fortium Partners