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Compassion is a huge thing as a nonprofit leader. That it is lacking in so many cases in the corporate world today is stunning. What is our level of compassion for our donors?

We hear a lot about freedom to make mistakes but what is the response if someone makes one, admits it and learns from it? As a leaders, what is our response? Think about it.

So, what is courage? Can we lead from the heart for amazing donor experiences? Do we have courage to give the most we can to improving how engaged our donors are?

Courage is about connecting to reality and suspending judgement. As leaders, we need to understand what the real experience is for our donors. We need to suspend what we think and hear what the donors think. We need to talk with all kind of donors to feel what it is like. How many donors can we talk with each day?

As a leader, courage is about love. That is our mission. That is how we serve others. We must love our donors so much we can’t tolerate experiences that don’t demonstrate our love.

“Without courage, compassion falters. Without compassion, courage has no direction.” ~ Eric Greitens