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Digital Business Ecosystem

Digital Business Ecosystem

It is a sign of leadership to know when you need help. There is plenty of help available. Digital transformation is going to happen in our companies.

Here are a couple of ideas:

  1. Admit, to yourself, you need help.
  2. Spend time every week getting help.
  3. Ask lots of questions.
  4. Figure out what the goal is.
  5. Create some rough strategies to test out.
  6. Get more help!

The pace of change in the digital world can be dizzying for any executive. But it is especially critical for the CEO and other top managers to get a good grasp on this shift in order to make good decisions. However, often the biggest hurdle they face in their digital education is themselves. Ego, fear of failure and a reluctance to admit ignorance in front of subordinates can stymie an executive’s digital education. In the past, companies would just replace a CEO if the market changed. But digital shifts today are coming too swiftly – sometimes in a matter of months – so that it is not realistic to keep switching captains. That is why senior business leaders, as a first step, must admit that they need help and find ways to get it.

Source: Leaders Must Prepare for Digital Transformation