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Is disruption on your agenda today? How much time will you devote to it? How many meetings do you have where that is to top item on the agenda? Are you leading the charge as the Chief Disruption Officer?

To say that the role of a CIO (chief information officer) has become more complicated and challenging today is an understatement, to say the least. Everything in our business space is changing at a mind-boggling speed.

Organizations are embracing more agile and nimble business practices. The combined forces of cloud, mobile, big data, analytics, and IoT—as well as many other trends—are bringing transformations we’ve never before experienced, never mind worked through. There’s mounting pressure on CIOs to capitalize on these emerging digital innovations, while, at the same time, keeping their IT operations running smoothly and securely.

The age of CIOs that believe in controlling their turf is practically over. We are witnessing the rise of a new breed of CIO—the disruptive one.

Source: What does a disruptive CIO look like in the age of digital transformation?