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We are hearing a lot about digital transformation. If we are honest, we have to admit it isn’t easy. I think these, when posed as questions to the C-Suite team, could generate some traction.

Here are 10 important issues to think about around digital marketing.

  1. Traditional marketing and digital marketing teams frequently operate as two separate entities
  2. Companies often attempt to rush progress, inevitably implementing the wrong technology and creating confusion
  3. Digital marketers implement programs simply because they can
  4. Brands produce content for the sake of having content rather than offer relevant messaging that speaks to customers’ specific interests
  5. Marketers think they can (and should) monitor and measure every point possible
  6. Companies dream of an omnichannel strategy, but fail to centralize the incoming digital data
  7. Marketers rarely look to consumer behavior for guidance, ultimately failing to uphold the brand promise
  8. Executives invest in the necessary technology, but not the resources that drive success
  9. Brands neglect to establish one program manager to monitor metrics and goals
  10. Marketing teams lack the enterprisewide buy-in needed to advance digital strategy development

Despite digital marketing’s relative infancy, organizations across industries recognize that these emerging channels require significant attention. From smartphones to social media, digital has become an integral element in the way consumers operate day-to-day.

Yet, while all companies currently reside at different levels of digital adoption, all run the risk of committing the very faux pas that may hinder future progress and success. Here, we examine the 10 most common digital marketing mistakes in the space today, while also offering advice on how companies can rectify their approach as they work to realign their mindset:

via Spotlight | 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes Every Brand Makes and How to Recover.