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Customer Obsession

Customer Obsession

If you are a technology leader, you need a strategy for digital transformation. As more executives obsess over the customer experience, you need to lead and have a seat at the table. Without it, the handwriting is on the wall in terms of long term success.

“The digital heat wave isn’t a mirage. Companies and their IT organizations must begin to meet with external customers and adapt agile processes as we talked about in part one of this series. In concert with external customer engagement and agile processes, IT organizations must implement IT Business Partner or BRM programs to ensure investment roadmaps drive digital customer solutions and company strategy. And finally, IT leaders must help the c-suite by teaching them to treat the IT function just like every other business function. Collaboration between the C-suite and IT, especially linking strategy and IT, are absolute requirements in the Age of the Customer. There is much to be done and great opportunities to drive revenue. Good luck on adapting to the digital heat wave. Your company is counting on you as a leader to make the transitions happen.”

Source: CIO Strategy for the “Age of the Customer,” Part Two

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