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Devices customers connect to daily

Devices customers connect to daily

There is a big change going on in terms of how people are interacting with us across tradition channels and multiple devices during the coarse of a typical day and week.

Forrester Research has some great insights. They suggest focusing on 3 vital areas in our marketing approach.

  1. Optimize Your Marketing Mix Using Consumer Data
  2. Embrace Obscure Channels as an Engagement Opportunity
  3. Collaborate Closely with Colleagues Throughout Your Organization

It could be time to start playing around with customer persona scenarios rather a corporate focus on departmental silos. What is the setting in which your customers are likely to experience you in the digital space? Are we ready to provide an amazing experience based on that setting and the scenario?

“Forrester highlights that 86 percent of marketing decision-makers see integrating multiple channels—both online and off—under one single integrated marketing strategy as critical to their success, for integrated campaigns work together to deliver results. For instance, using direct mail to drive Web activity with email follow-up allows marketers to create seamless cross-channel experiences that enhance one another while promoting the same result.

“Today’s business faces new levels of complexity in media mix,” says Lila Snyder, president, document messaging technologies at Pitney Bowes. “What worked in a simpler world was more channel-based. Today, marketing mix is more about the integrated campaign and not one channel’s success over another. It is the ‘and’ story.”

But, for marketers looking to determine the right media mix model, establishing the correct balance will never be cut and dry, for as consumer behavior evolves, so must the average brand’s approach to customer outreach.

via Spotlight | Media Mixology 101: Blending Direct and Digital Campaigns.