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It is a challenge to turn raw data into insight. Doing it in real time or near real time just ups the game for us. There are at least 3 factors to think about.

“Identifying the factors that drive customer behavior has long been the Holy Grail for Customer Insight professionals. Yet in today’s super-competitive marketplaces, it’s not enough. Speed is the new differentiator, and those firms that can acquire insight and translate it into effective real-time marketing stimuli will achieve competitive advantage. 

“The ability to respond and act swiftly is an invaluable asset, and Forrester research has devised a framework that facilitates the transformation of data into knowledge at a pace that today’s customers demand. It’s called the Real-Time Actionable Insight Delivery RAID cycle.

via iQube Marketing Limited » Are you finding it tough to convert insight into action?.

Here is a great overview of how to visualize the approach.

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