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Customer Experience LifecycleConsumers now expect certain experiences. We we don’t meet them, they move on. Personalization is expected at every turn.

We all need to look at our customer experiences on the web and make we have a great strategy to personalize the experience.

For the modern consumer, personalization isn’t ideal—it’s essential. Yet, while the technology driving the customer experience continues to evolve, the underlying relationship remains the same, for companies must constantly work to maintain customer trust and loyalty.

One recent Janrain study confirms that online consumers 74 percent get frustrated with websites when content offers, ads, and promotions don’t reflect their given interests, while MyBuys claims that 40 percent of consumers buy more from retailers who personalize the shopping experience across channels. However, integrating the technology necessary to meet this demand continues to baffle many brands.

via Spotlight | Up Close and Personal: Technology’s Undeniable Impact on Individualization.