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Year End Giving

Year End Giving

The year end giving season is fast approaching for nonprofits. There is still time to fine tune your campaigns. Here is a checklist of ideas to make sure are in place.

  1. Segment your appeals
  2. Personalize as much as you can
  3. Don’t forget your existing and future major donors
  4. Enlist the help of volunteers
  5. Make sure you have 100% giving from your board and staff
  6. Segment your acknowledgements

The major giving season of ever year is literally upon us. November and December often provide a majority of the funds raised for nonprofits from individuals annually. You do not want to miss out!

Some fundraisers have been planning for this since the end of last year’s giving season. Don’t panic if you are not one of them; you can still salvage a success with some last-minute activity.

Source: 6 Ways Nonprofits Can Prepare For Year-End Giving Season | GuideStar Blog