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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Our business world continues to change at a very dizzying pace. 2016 will not be any different. We all need to continue to obsess about the customer and realize that consumers demand better digital experiences.

CEOs realize that, increasingly, future growth is tied to their ability to continuously deliver new digital services that create value for customers – across both B2C and B2B business environments. But failure to meet evolving customer expectations will result in losing customers and ultimately lower revenue growth. Without a technology team focused on building the digital platforms of tomorrow, companies cannot hope to keep up with their evolving customer expectations. 2016 will be a pivotal year for CIOs and CEOs – one that will see a significant change in leadership thinking when it comes to a company’s technology capabilities and digital assets

Source: Predictions 2016: Welcome To The Digital Savvy, Customer Obsessed CIO | Forrester Blogs