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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Recently David Cooperstein from Forrester Research invested a fair amount of time with CMOs and agency executives, working through the challenges that marketing faces, especially as shiny new objects like social and mobile develop some patina and digital gets categorized as a mature channel. In a past post on Forbes he called the era we now live in a “post-digital” world for marketers, because the strategies that matter most are those that don’t start with the channel (i.e. mobile-first or digital-first).

Marketers need to put themselves in their customers’ seat and define the marketing activities they take on from a customer-first perspective.

I agree that it is important to focus on the customer first. That is to some extent all that matters but it doesn’t tell the whole story. This is not an either or story. We have to be obsessively focused on the customer and become more digital in out approach.

Here are some issues to consider:

  • Customers are empowered.
  • Digital disruption is forcing change.
  • The business is directing the technology budget.

Digital leaders need to develop the capability to:

  • Optimize their business through data.
  • Present value in context.
  • Engage with buyers when they are most interested.
  • Create value in marketing through content.

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