Customer Experience

Customer Experience

We need leadership from the Chief Marketing Officer role to focus on the customer and the customer experience. Of all the C-Suite roles, the marketing function is well suited to lead the charge. This is particularly true if there is a Chief Customer Officer and customer service is an overhead function.

Since rising to prominence as a part of the C-suite back in the late 1990s, the role of the chief marketing officer (CMO) has never been as critical to the success of organizations as it is in today’s customer-driven post-digital age. And CMOs are taking notice, stepping up to the leadership challenge as a full partner in the C-suite. As marketers indicated in our report on The Evolved CMO In 2014 (subscription required), their business leadership requires them to optimize the marketing organization they oversee. Forrester believes that as empowered customers take control of their relationship with brands, CMOs must optimize their teams by redefining their organization in the form of a marketing operating system (MOS).

via CMOs: Step Up To Lead The Transformation To Customer Obsession | Forrester Blogs.

Here are five ideas to focus on:

  1. Accept change dictated by empowered customers.
  2. Dare the status quo with nimble experimentation.
  3. Act with agility.
  4. Participate personally by modeling the behaviors you seek in the team.
  5. Tear down organizational boundaries by rewarding collaboration.