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Internal Revenue Service

Internal Revenue Service

What is being proposed by the IRS is outrageous. Without going on too big of a rant, it is hard to imaging something more boneheaded. Of course, everyone in the nonprofit community is coming out against it.

While I’m sure a “pile on” is occurring, it wouldn’t hurt to let your representatives know how you feel.

More than two hundred nonprofit organizations have called on the Internal Revenue Service to withdraw a proposed regulation that would allow charitable nonprofits to collect and report donors’ Social Security numbers to the agency.

The proposed rule change would permit, though not require, charities to file an additional return with the IRS that would include detailed information about donors who contribute $250 or more, including their Social Security numbers. In a joint set of comments filed in response to the proposal, Independent Sector, the National Council of Nonprofits, the Council on Foundations, and others argued that the regulation would “expose the public to increased risk from identity theft, impose significant costs and burdens on nonprofit organizations, and create public confusion and disincentives for donors to support the work of nonprofits.”

Source: Nonprofits Voice Opposition to IRS Proposal on Social Security Numbers | News | PND