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Successful TransformationsTransformation isn’t easy and many times it fails. There are a variety of reasons. It isn’t easy and it won’t happen overnight. It is hard. It takes time and commitment.

It is worth figuring out in advance, if you will be in it for the long haul. Some questions to think through are:

  1. Do you really think it will be worth it?
  2. Can you clearly articulate the “burning platform” that is causing the change?
  3. Can you clearly articulate what will be different 18 months from now?
  4. Are you ready to face the challenge of changing a whole culture and embedded process that will conspire against you?
  5. Do you have the right people on board who believe in it as much as you do?
  6. Can you handle the ridicule for the early failures that will inevitable?

Driving large and horizontal transformations for almost a decade has taught me three things.

1) Transformations are hard, and most of them fail.

2) There are not many transformation best practices.

3) No matter how small a company, there is no such thing as a quick transformation.

Yet, most of us are in the middle of a transformation of some sort in our organizations and for many of us, in our lives. How can we ensure that we transform? Successfully!

via Five Lessons for Successful Transformations | Constellation Research Inc..