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Servant Leadership


I must say, this article from Bernard Marr is bold in suggesting we don’t need Human Resources departments.

The real message is the name of the department seems to be condescending and wrong. Now would be a good time to rethink the mission and have a better way to refer to itself. Words matter. Branding matters.

The time has come for HR (Human Resources) departments to call it a day. HR departments often portray themselves as a valued business partner for management and staff alike. However, how can anyone take a department seriously that refers to people as ‘resources’? 

Nothing matters more to companies than the people who work there. Companies are nothing without the right people! And I am sure that not one, single individual wants to be referred to as a ‘human resource’. 

So, the first point I want to make is that the name is wrong: very wrong. It signals to everyone that this department manages ‘human resources’ in a top-down fashion, i.e. managing humans in a similar way to other resources such as finance, property or machines. If departments can’t see that this is sending out the wrong messages, then they don’t deserve to be there anyway.

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