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Transform Culture

Transform Culture

CIO’s are well positioned to lead a company digital transformation. They are logical place to look for leadership.

What does it take for the CIO to be considered?

  1. A passion for the business, customers and not infrastructure
  2. Ability to speak the language of business, customers and not technology
  3. Core understanding of how being digital can propel the business ahead and create amazing customer experiences
  4. Willingness to learn more about leading digital technologies and what is important to customers
  5. Great leadership and change management skills focused on the customer experience
  6. A vision for a digital transformation culture focused on the customer

A good CIO has the street credibility to lead a company’s digital transformation. Digital transformation is more than presenting ideas and painting a shiny picture of the future; digital transformation also means tying the back-end to the front-end. Good CIOs have experience leading the organization through transformation. They have the real world experience of delivering change over and over again.” Bask Iyer, CIO of Juniper Networks, spends a lot of time talking to CEOs.

via Step into the Digital Leadership Void.