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Customer Service

Customer Service

The pace of change in the customer experience is moving fast. Consumer expectations are ramping up to the highest common denominator and not the lowest. Consumers are empowered more and more by the transparency provided by social media.

What are the trends in the contact center and for customer service for us to consider right now?

  1. The cloud positions the contact center for lift-off
  2. Agents will share the responsibility of CX with the entire company
  3. Connecting the mobile channel to agents will take priority
  4. Machine learning powers agents’ decision-making
  5. Self-service solves the complexity issue
  6. Leaders will flip their agent training practices to be more nimble

Overall, 2015 was a banner year for customer service. From getting contact centers to ‘speak Millennial’ to leading with data, customer service organizations made breakthroughs last year in advancing the customer experience.

As companies continue to evolve and build on their progress from last year, 2016 is poised to become a more exciting year for contact centers.

Source: Contact Center Trends 2016 | 1to1 Media