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7 Wonders of Effective Customer Experience Leaders



CustomerThink has identified seven principles of simple, powerful, natural gifts that we’ve all been given should be our standard to elevate customer experience to a higher plane.

These make great sense.

  • To See… the future, envision possibilities, and create a vision to unique others in the cause
  • To Hear… to listen to the core needs of customers and team members
  • To Touch… to measure, to analyze, and create effective experiences
  • To Taste… to understand, comprehend, and experiment in customer experiences
  • To Smell… to predict, innovate, an anticipate what customers need
  • To Laugh… to be enthusiastic, and bring a level of personality into our organizations
  • To Love… to have passion and appreciate the intricacies of customer relationships

Source: 7 Wonders of Effective Customer Experience Leaders | CustomerThink