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Bruce Temkin has labeled 2016 as The Year of Emotion.

Emotion is many times missing from our experience equation. How an experience makes a customer feel is essential. Was it enjoyable? Was it painful? Was it boring?

As we start down the path of making 2016 a banner year for CX in our organizations, here are his ideas.

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  1. May you focus on your customers’ needs, even when internal priorities push them to be ignored.
  2. May you orient your thinking on customers’ journeys, even when the organization cares about individual interactions.
  3. May you design for customers’ emotions, even when success and effort are often the better understood parts of an experience.
  4. May you develop innovative ways to treat customers, even when the status quo seems to be good enough.
  5. May you share customer success stories, even when there are many problems to be fixed.
  6. May you remain committed to driving change, even when it feels like you aren’t making very much progress.
  7. May you help all employees deliver on customer promises, even when some don’t directly interact with end-customers.
  8. May you engage the hearts and minds of employees, even when it’s easier to just send out some communications.
  9. May you maintain a clear sense of purpose, even when you feel too busy to think about anything except the task in front of you.
  10. May you find many reasons to be grateful, even when it seems like things aren’t going your way.

Source: My 10 CX Wishes For You In 2016 | Customer Experience Matters

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