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It isn’t easy to change. None of us get there overnight. There is no road to Damascus conversion, so to speak.

A culture that is customer focused is also focused on the data. Bruce Temkin suggests there are seven stages to embracing customer insights as useful and valuable. The seven stages are:

  1. Resist
  2. Consider
  3. Request
  4. Incorporate
  5. Envision
  6. Demand
  7. Embrace

People are creatures of habit, so most changes are not instantaneous. Adopting something new is a process, not an event. To understand how to encourage business people to use more data insights, it’s helpful look at their path to adoption. That’s why I created what I’m calling the “Seven Stages to a Data-Centric Mindset.

via Seven Stages to a Data-Centric Mindset | Customer Experience Matters.