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We all want to be more innovative. We embark on a new “very big deal” approach. It is highly visible. Lots of resources are devoted to it. It fails miserably. What is up with that?

Sustained innovation isn’t easy. It isn’t easy in a small organization and it is even more difficult in large organizations.

So who is going to lead the charge for the next one? In fact, should there be “a next one”? What will make the “next one” different?

A new innovation management initiative will fail unless we all can agree, and very simply articulate 3 things. It does start with the CEO but understanding and commitment is necessary at the C-suite and middle manager level.

What are the questions?

1) Why must we innovate?
2) Where must we innovate?
3) How much must we innovate?

Source: CEOs: before calling for more digital innovation – answer 3 essential questions. – Mark Raskino